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DeskTop Author is an ebook or electronic publishing software that allows you to quickly, easily and professionally create & sell electronic publications such as eBooks, eCatalogs, ePresentations, photo albums and much more.
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My progam has become corrupted by a virus and crashes everytime it starts up. How do I reinstall it?
How to turn off automatic download of tooltips. I get this error everytime I start up. "Error Code 12007: Name not resolved".
I am having trouble installing the program.
What is the difference between the demo version and the full version.
Can I use your DNL reader download graphic and download link in my website?
Outlook and Outlook Express unsafe file
How do I use the zip file templates from the free template download site?
Digital Web Books
Why do the colors in books sometimes not come out as expected on some PCs but works perfectly on others?
What PC requirements are needed to view the books? How many pages can I have in the books?
Can this be used for presentations?
Printing errors: It says that my printer is not supported.
I have a GIF image in my book but it does not display properly.
Can this be used for other non-english or western european languages? e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, ect.
How are the DNL readers installed by people who read my book? How can I distribute the DNL reader installer? How do people read a DNL book?
Does this program work for Apple MACs?
Terminal server, Citrix Winframe, Windows Remote Desktop
Is the DNL reader free for everyone? Can I include it on my website? Can I include it on a CDROM?
I need to send a web page link to somebody who does not have the DNL reader installed. What instructions should I give them?
What is the difference between EXE and DNL books? What is supported in DNL that is not supported in EXE?
Creating and editing Digital Web Books
Custom fonts
What are the different ways that I can submit data when using Eazy Forms
What is the difference between 'DWB Go To' Style 1(book page): and Style 2 (single sheet) in Book Properties?
What is the sendmail link?
How do I create links to web pages and emails?
Is it possible to copy and paste text from other programs into the editor?
What types of DNL ebooks can I produce?
What images does the book editor support? Why do some images not appear when I package my book?
Why is the book editor slow to respond sometimes when manipulating large areas of text or certain page components?
I am unable to link the text in the textbox properly. When I change one link, sometimes other links change as well.
How I use transparent images in the book editor?
Is it possible to convert A4 print pages (at 300DPI) to screen pages(72DPI) ? Why is the text so hard to read and fuzzy?
Editable text and images
Inputing non-english character sets like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, ect.
How do I get 2 pages when I edit? When I package a book, my text spreads across 2 pages.
I save my book as a DML file but the DNL reader cannot read it?
Where can I get some extra tutorials for the book editor?
How can I change the "Designed By" branding text in the right click menu and about box?
Built-in templates - When I open a sub-template, only the front template of each category displays. When I click OK I only get the first template.
How to add page numbers (Version 5 and later)
How do I create tables? Can I import them from Excel?
Registration and updates
How do I register?
How do I get updates?
How do I do manual registration
Packaging and Distribution of Digital Web Books
How can I distribute my DigitalWebBook?
Do I need to distribute the DNL reader with every DNL book that I make?
How do I upload my book to my website? How do I link the book in a webpage?
Code signing/Developers Certificate for EXE books. I get a warning for unknown publisher when downloading EXE books.
Package EXE books do not appear but Package DNL books appear when I package.
Is it possible to autorun DNL files from a CDROM?
Publish to Web
JAVASCRIPT ERROR "ply is undefined"
I have a webpage with a book inside it. I have uploaded a new book to this webpage but I am still seeing the old book instead of the new one uploaded.
Manually creating a webpage to host your eBook using publish-to-file. Using a third party FTP program to upload your book files and webpage.
I have publish-to-web successfully but I get an, " Unable to locate DNL file on server" error from web browser.
Tips and tricks
General tips on using the book editor
Refreshing the memory and speeding up the editor.
Create a vertical or horizontal line
What makes up a typical book folder? What are all these files in the same folder as where I saved the DML file?
My progam has become corrupted by a virus and crashes everytime it starts up. How do I reinstall it?
How can I get text to flow from one page to the next?
Convert DNL and EXE books to PDF
Where can I download extra templates that I can use for my own books?
How can I change the icons in my final packaged Digital Web Books?
How to combine two books into one book.
After I download a template from your website, I click on the ZIP file to see inside . When I open it up the DML file,I get a big red X and nothing else.
How do I get all the book sources files together to send to somebody else, like support. The person needs to be able to re-package the book at thier end.
The program cannot start: Application/Program due to Run-Time Error Bad file name or number.
How I change the default page transitions for my book? Can I make them slide like powerpoint?
Tips on creating contents pages and linking text.
How do I disable the automatic button bar?
Some of my MP3s do not seem to work when I stream it.
I used Apple Quicktime in my book but I get this error: Runtime error Prog C:\windows\dbplugin.exe Abnormal Program Termination
Sometimes Flash/movies/mp3 does not play on some PCs but has no problems with others. Embedded multimedia does not play, but streaming multimedia plays properly.
The book stops responding after I goto a page with multimedia on it. Multimedia objects sometimes show a grey screen and book will sometimes not turn pages properly and just flicker.
Is it possible to make background music for my book that plays across all pages?
Can I put a large video inside a book? e.g. 100MB video?
Where can I download the Quicktime stand-alone player from?
Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Step by Step Guide for setting up Digital Rights Management(DRM) for Digital Web Books.
When I get the page where the DRM is activated the payment box does not appear. I am using DNLDRM Version 2.
How can I check to see if the DRM in my book is working properly?
How to export files for manual upload to your website using Advanced Mode
How to get better quality image conversions.
Toolbar setup in Advanced Mode.
Unable to successfully use FTP upload feature to upload to my website.
Is PDF2PageTurn compatible with tablets such as iPads and Android?
Where are the converted publications located? On your server or ''cloud'' or will it be on my computer where I have total control?
How to change the default zoom size of the output files with non-portrait PDF files.
How do I change the underlines in the exported index.html?
How to modify the URL link styles in the converted files.
How to fix images with conversion issues.
How to change the background color in the converted index.html.
How to manually update URLs.
How to edit or add new URL links to exported index.html.
Unable to convert special extended characters (non-english language)
How to manually remove the print button from the toolbar.
How to add a custom banner to the index.html.
How to change the location of the work folder.
Why does Send-to-Friend only work on Can I make it work on my server?
How to add extra languages to the toolbar.
Registration and updates
I am unable to register my product.